Friday, 5 March 2010

Freedom to Organise! public meeting

Freedom to Organise! public meeting 13-15 Clarence Street, Belfast, BT2 Tuesday 9th March 7pm.

National speaking tour on the recent state repression of independent workers' organisations in Europe.

In Serbia, 6 members and associates of ‘Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative’ (ASI), the Serbian section of the International Workers’ Association (IWA) have been framed for ‘International Terrorism’ after a different group threw a petrol bomb at the Greek embassy in Belgrade, causing minor damage totalling just £18 (yes, eighteen!). They have already spent over three months in prison awaiting trial. More information.

Meanwhile in Germany, the Berlin IWA section FAU-B (the Free Workers Union) has been effectively banned by bosses at the Babylon Cinema through the courts. Workers at the cinema joined the FAU as a radical alternative to the existing union. The German court has now banned FAU from organising and some of its members face possible prison sentences. More information.

Main speaker: Secretary of the International Workers’ Association (IWA) and Organise! speaker.

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