Monday, 7 December 2009

Vivir La Utopia - Film showing Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre

Saturday 12th December Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre


Vivir la utopĂ­a. El anarquismo en espana.
Living Utopia. Anarchism in Spain

Spanish with English
subtitles. 95 minutes.

This documentary by Juan Gamero consists of 30 interviews with survivors of the 1936-1939 Spanish Revolution, and is one of the best documentaries dealing with this topic.
The testimonies of the anarchist militants are very moving and show the constructive work of the social revolution in Spain. During the social revolution around 7 million peasants formed collectives, in the cities 3000 workplaces collectivised, 150,000 joined the anarchist militias to fight fascism, and people engaged in cultural activities and the movement of the Mujeres Libres to free women from patriarchy.

Living Utopia is a unique documentary that blends the historical account of the origins and development of the Spanish anarchist movement, and the civil war and social revolution of 1936-39. Informative and inspiring the film will be introduced by a current member of Spain’s anarcho-syndicalist union the CNT – the union at the heart of the social revolution.